More on infinities

Maybe everything matters in the small scale because we are universes ourselves-

Our worries seem small compared to the gas giants lighting up the sky but our tears dwarf the tiny atoms in our eyes like a giant mirror;

And the Earth seems so big and distance seems so overwhelming but have you read about how many square feet of skin our bodies have, and compared that to the diameter of each little hair on our arms?

Sure we are light years away from the Lagoon Nebula but our thoughts have to jump so many neurons in order to be written right here, past the signals to the tendons and muscles on my finger – the synapses in a single human brain outnumber the stars in the Milky Way…

The small things matter and the big things matter because in the end they are the same and only the scale changes

but one isn’t more important.

Think of the microscopic world and us in between and then this galaxy itself bigger than what our imaginations can grasp-


Maybe distance doesn’t matter because it’s everywhere.

“My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations”. (John Green)

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