Most of the sleepless nights were no different from each other, but the thoughts were never the same. He didn’t toss and turn anymore, since he knew that would be of no help – now he would just tuck his hands behind his head and turn his eyes to the moonlit ceiling decorated with glow … Continue reading Insomnia


They were dancing everywhere. Always fast, twirling, spiraling around, going up and down repeatedly as if moving to a muted song. They crept up the tiniest spaces, spread out seemingly unaware of barriers and stoppings; and there were too the colors… If I kept my eyes open long enough I could see the infinite mixing … Continue reading Fire

There was not a single cloud in the sky. Against the sharp and strong silhouettes of buildings the sky was a deep, rich, almost overwhelming blue, from as far as it meets with the ground to the very top of anything you can see. Days like these, when the sun is on my back and … Continue reading